Ian Twinn

Ian Twinn

Marcoms Strategist

Where are you right now?

Mud coffee shop in the East Village getting my caffeine fix.

Where is your favorite place for a breakfast meeting?

The Smith on 3rd Avenue and 10th Street.

What was your first job?

This may date me but it was for Lynne Franks PR, a London creative shop and inspiration for TV show Absolutely Fabulous.  My first clients were The Spice Girls, Lacroix and the Motorola StarTac!

How do you think we can keep talent motivated? 

I think people are most motivated when they are truly invested in outcomes and deliverables.  I think talent needs to be supported to feel they have real ownership over work, no matter what their level.

What excites you about this next decade?

The continuing disruption and transfer of power to consumers afforded by technology.  It continually levels the playing field, redefines industries and keeps marketing professionals on their toes.

If you had to make a quick escape where would you go?

My hometown London.  With a good tailwind it is just five and half hours from JFK.

What is on your bedside table?

iPhone, water and Lunesta!

If you weren't in this business what would you be doing?

Writing a travel blog. capturing the experiences to be had away from the usual tourist traps.

Who would you most like to meet for a drink?

Aaron Sorkin.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Live music of any kind or genre.  I probably see around 60 live performances a year and should really own shares in Live Nation and Ticketmaster.

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