New app Sympler makes video mixing look easy

"SYMPLER is a video mixing and remixing app for creators of all levels. 

Mix and remix videos with SYMPLER. By taking ‘samples’ of videos or photos, adding music and tapping the tiles in time with the music, creators (of all levels) can now make brilliantly shareable little masterpieces. 

There are now two ways to make a SYMPLER. 1. You can select videos, photos and music from your phone or shoot it live. You can even stitch together your Vines and Instagrams OR 2. You can remix other people’s videos from the feed or from people’s profiles. Just tap the ‘Remix it’ button and their mix will be broken down into the original six clips so you can get busy making your own mix - changing the edit points and the music as well as adding your own content. "


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