The 30 most creative people in advertising

According to Business Insider, "Adland often bemoans that the glamorous Mad Men of old are being replaced with 'Math Men,' now that more focus is being placed on data and programmatic advertising.

But creativity still reigns when it comes to grabbing consumer's attention and actually making them feel something or perform an action after seeing an ad.

Here are the 30 most creative people in the advertising business. 

Methodology: Earlier this year we put out a call for the advertising world to send in its nominations. To prevent nominations from being self-serving, we also asked each agency to nominate someone from a competing agency or brand. We also researched recent award winners, and the creatives who have generated new and buzzworthy work.

For the ranking, factors we considered included recognition within the industry, seniority in their respective agencies, size of the shop, and stand-out creative work that's garnered attention outside of the advertising world."

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