Strands of Genius: May 20th

Curated by @rosiesiman + @faris.

  • Superhero origin stories usually involve a mishap with unexpected consequences. In 2002, a furniture salesman from Tacoma was attacked outside a karaoke bar. He became a maths genius who sees the world in geometry.  
  • The biggest filer of copyright lawsuits? An erotica website. (This year, Malibu Media has filed about 38% of copyright suits!) Totally safe for work, this article examines the issues with suing an IP address (you can't) through a different lens. 
  • The New York Times tasked an innovation team with asking (and answering) questions about the Times digital strategy. The summary was leaked last week and while a few eyes were batted, it was far less impressive than the full document, which The Neiman Lab has now not only published, but also summarized if you don't have time to read the full 97 pages. Some really great thinking here. 
  • The shock of recognition is what gets people excited when the media reports on their home town. We experienced a tiny flash of it when we saw this news story about the guy who built his own island out of 150,000 plastic bottles. We've been there a few times! 
  • We are living in a digital world and it's increasingly visual. So we were stoked to find Canva, which makes graphic design for the web or print amazingly simple. It's in beta, but we might have a few invites if you need us. 
  • StandWith is a task-based app designed to answer "how can I help?" Created by Fuck Cancer's founder, StandWith allows for family members to upload tasks (like, "we need a wedge pillow when xx gets out of surgery" or "we're looking for someone to provide dinner on saturday night"). The tasks are broadcast (via a push notification) to friends and family who have opted in and from there anyone can accept or decline the task. Beautiful, simple and smart.
  • Colors before Pantone: an 800-page, hand-painted/written book about creating certain hues and tones by adding various parts of color... from 271 years ago.  
  • Faris isn't as fond of pranks as Rosie is but we'll leave you pondering this one and its implications.