Strands of Genius: September 23rd

Curated by @rosiesiman + @faris.

  • CharliXCX is the iconic voice that sings the hook on Iggy Izalea's Fancy. But don't let her fool you, she's not just a singer, she also happens to be the writer behind some of the most sung pop hits of the past few years. It's hard to ignore her, and hey, who would want to anyway?
  • What if MDMA wasn't just a party drug? In some studies, it's been a better anti-depressant than Zoloft, especially with soldiers experiencing PTSD. By 2021, ecstasy might just be a regulated medicine...
  • In Austin, this University professor is teaching his students about sustainable living through what he calls The Dumpster Project: For a year, he'll be living in a 36-square foot dumpster, modifying it, but only as needed. We were immediately sucked in and are planning on saying hello next time we're in Austin. 
  • How do successful people manage their time? It involves planning. Planning for both work, and play! (Anticipation makes us happier, and we ensure we're not wasting too much time...)
  • "Today’s 25-year-olds, compared with their parents’ generation at the same age, are twice as likely to still be students, only half as likely to be married and 50 percent more likely to be receiving financial assistance from their parents." In case you missed it, here's the case for delayed adulthood, from the NYTimes. 
  • This BuzzFeed staff member decided to rebuild Tinder (ok, not really, only partially, for an experiment) to try to uncover the secret of attraction. What she found? We're more classist than we think, at least when it comes to love.  
  • We have a love/hate relationship with Amazon. Mostly, we love them. [We have been Prime users for years, Rosie stores her music exclusively through Amazon's Cloud Player, and even spending a summer in the UK, it proved especially useful for ordering household items. We're not such big fans of them blacklisting certain publishers or their warehouse practices.] We're also fascinated by them, as they seem to be one of the great businesses of our generation. Which is probably why we loved this article on Why Amazon Has No Profits (And Why It Works).
  • Faris finally read The Circle, by Dave Eggers and we think you should too, especially if you work / think in media and technology. Dave's written a novel of BIG IDEAS, or actually or ONE big idea thought through to one of its logical conclusions. The big idea being the social media service for data advertising deal. "Privacy is theft" and other idea of Infocommunism. 
  • This week is the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Friends, possibly the last seminal tv phenomenon of the pre-fragmented media age. As one of the main reasons that Faris moved to NYC, where he met Rosie, this excellent article about its cultural impact is close to our heart. Could we BE any cheesier? 
  • We <3 these final photos and there were so many funny or sarcastic ones this week. But we decided that this was better - did you know this is how cashews grow? I know, RIGHT?!