Strands of Genius: February 19th

Curated by @rosiesiman and @faris

Here are some of the current strands that are fueling our mind:

1. Get Metatrendy with this trend report made up of choice selection from many other 2014 trend reports.

2. Who doesn’t love a good TED talk?? They’re almost as good as Radio Lab podcasts. TED is synonymous with smart, thought-provoking material. But what if some of the TED talks were horribly, unspeakably wrong?

3. Life is a resource management and allocation game. Here is your strategy guide.

4. Remember a couple of years back when fans made Star Wars Uncut? Well, 50 film makers have just re-made Robocop scene for scene - and it’s getting better reviews than the Hollywood remake.

5. In Dear America, I Saw You Naked, an ex-TSA agent confesses the absurdity of the system, gives you the DL on all their jargon and share some stories that will have you rolling your eyes.

6. In Jonah Berger’s new book, “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” he outlines how he’s researched and tested a variety of viral-promoting factors, including emotion, memory-inducing triggers, lists and even the quality of the story. This piece on the New Yorker (outlining some of the factors) has us itching to read his book.

7. Oh, and... Faris is judging Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly program, where they’re looking for innovative ideas from people just like you. / Rosie spoke about the origins of Genius Steals & taking advice at the London International Awards.