How Did She Get There

The leading ladies of Fast Company, Airbnb, and the NBA discuss how they got to where they are today.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome, as it relates to your industry?
The obstacle as it relates to Fast Company is how to convert creativity into something that you can monetize. It's a huge obstacle because how do you take a media property and re-brand, re-package, and recreate it so that people want to buy it.

The media environment that we're in … there’s so much content out there and there are so many companies that are not monetizing their content. How do you stay afloat? That's the hardest obstacle that we've overcome. How do you keep creativity fresh and grow, without being in the red?

What motivates you?
Building and Creating. The funniest thing is when we re-started the brand 7 years ago we had to work hard at being innovative and always keeping things fresh. I look back now and realize that that's what motivated me all along. How can I do something that nobody else has done before? Many things have been done before but how can we do things in a different way?

- Christine Osekoski