Strands of Genuis: March 25th

Curated by @rosiesiman and @faris

Here are some of the current strands that are fueling our mind:

1. Connect your things to the internet. Debuting last week at the TED conference, Littlebits is an electronic Meccano set of magnetic modules that lets you make circuits in seconds, turning everyone into an inventor.

2. There are millions of GoPro videos of people being heroes through acts of daring do on the Intertube. This hero attached a GoPro to the inside of a hula-hoop at Burning Man and stood well clear.

3. No one likes change, bemoans everyone who changes something. Especially new interfaces on digital things. This lovely piece points out that change should make things better, not harder. The best thing about the iPhone when it launched was that you could just use it, straight out of the box. Users don't hate change, they hate you.

4. The NSA has been getting a lot of bad press lately, due to it allegedly doing a lot of bad things [*waves at NSA agent now tasked with reading this*]. There's something hilariously antiquated about their approach to addressing this - they've issued a glossy pamphlet media kit.

5. Genius Steals is excited to be advising a creative technology start-up called Seenapse - an inspiration engine that assists in your creative process by exposing the non-obvious mental associations between seemingly disparate concepts - because they believe, as we do, that ideas are new combinations. Seenapse is currently in a closed beta but you can get an invite by using the code: strandsofgenius. Let us know what you think!

6. Genius Steals likes philosophical discourse and animation - so this animated TED [Socratic] dialogue "The Long Reach of Reason" between Stephen Pinker and his wife Rebecca Goldstein is right up our alley.

7. Culture creates, language names and tames. Selfie was the 2013 Oxford Dictionary 'Word of the Year' but a psychiatrist is warning selfies could be linked to narcissistic personality disorders and mental illness, having just treated the UK's first 'selfie addict'. We wouldn't like to comment, we'll just leave you with this selfie mise en abyme to ponder...