Strands of Genius: March 12th

Curated by @rosiesiman and @faris

Here are some of the current strands that are fueling our mind:

1. Spray it, don’t say it. Startup Spritz wants everyone to be a speed reader. Writing is a remarkably powerful technology, little changed since, well, it was invented. The words sit there and you move your eyes, absorbing chunks of words at time. That’s reading. What if the words moved instead? Well apparently it means you can read at 1000 words a minute. It feels very odd but does seem to work, at least for short bursts.

2. Who doesn't dream of early retirement? We don't follow sports at all and our surprise at how eloquent, thoughtful and inspiring this piece by 26 year old Arizona Cardinals Running Back Rashard Mendenhall on why he is retiring betrays our prejudices about American Football players.

3. You are never wrong. Kathryn Schulz’ new book Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error, suggests that we are wrong about being wrong. It’s a metacognitive error: we are by definition blind to the things we are wrong about. “The sentence “I am wrong” describes a logical impossibility. As soon as we know that we are wrong, we aren’t wrong anymore, since to recognize a belief as false is to stop believing it.” Read more about how wrong you are in this review.

4. We are immediately suspicious when someone decries the death of an abstraction, but we're suckers for a free book. Erik Qualman’s [of Socialnomics Youtube video/book fame] new book What Happens In Vegas Stays on Youtube: Privacy is Dead is available FREE for Kindle only until Wednesday this week so grab it now and make up your own mind.

5. Is anyone else really conscious? How can you ever know? That's the "problem of other minds". Continuing our love affair with HER, this piece explores the philosophical questions of consciousness the movie poses.

6. New news media site Vox has announced that it is due to launch 'soon' and promises to 'explain the news'. It's a huge ambition, since the meaning of events is decided by history, but in our current split second news cycle there is definitely scope for someone to help contextualize the stream of current events. Or, if you are in the USA, to report on things that happen anywhere else.

7. Digital State - the book Faris co-authored - made it to the top 5 shortlist for best marketing book of the year, which was nice.