Strands of Genius: March 4th

Curated by @rosiesiman and @faris

Here are some of the current strands that are fueling our mind:

1. We're not sure a 24 hour music video would work for any song other than Pharrell's Happy. But for this, it works. And yes, we're totally smiling and clapping along right now. (+ Pharrell's Happy is the new Hey Ya! according to Slate.)

2. 150,000 people are all playing a single game of the original Pokemon on a Gameboy emulator on sports website Twitch. It is developing vaguely religious aspects.

3. A smart-counter point to Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In: Recline, Don't Lean In. In a sentence? "There is, after all, much to be said for leaning out — for long lunches, afternoon naps, good books and some nice, slow hours in the La-Z-Boy,” writes Rosa Brooks. Though if I’m honest (Rosie, here), I don’t think Sheryl would disagree either.

4. The NSA / GCHQ programme Optic Nerve captured millions of pictures of innocent Yahoo! users from their webcams between 2008-2012. Many of them were naked. Oops.

5. We watched "Her" this weekend. Yes, it's amazing. Yes, you totally need to go see it ASAP. This prompted some research on Ray Kurzweil and Eliza bots. Kurzweil recently wrote this piece for The Guardian on how robots will be smarter than humans by 2029, which is scary and awesome. If you loved "Her" and/or the piece by Kurzweil, you may also be interested in this excellent podcast by Radiolab (Rosie's new obsession) on Eliza Bots, called "Talking to Machines."

6. 10 things The Guardian learned from The Oscars.

7. Cloudwash is a prototype connected washing machine from BergCloud. The internet of things isn’t simply making everything work from a smartphone app. It’s creating holistic product service solutions that make life easier. Physical buttons on the machine let you order detergent online. Can we have this now please?