8 Young Professionals Share Their Work Secrets

"The tech industry is growing at a head-snapping pace, with a pool of talent that includes some of the world’s brightest innovators, movers, and shakers. But, despite being one of the most fascinating and progressive fields, tech still falls flat when it comes to inclusion of women and minorities — with staggeringly low diversity statistics. For example, women make up just 26% of the computing workforce.

However, in spite of the jarring numbers, there are plenty of women who aren’t just doing a standout job in their professions, but are also working hard to change the status quo within the tech community. We’ve rounded up eight rising tech stars you’re going to want to remember. Among the group are a NASA engineer, a CEO who is switching up the wearable market, and a founder who hopes to change the way little girls are exposed to tech. These ladies are whip-smart, fearless, and trailblazing."