Strands of Genius: July 29th

Curated by @rosiesiman and @faris.

  • If you find polyamorous relationships as fascinating as I do, you have to read Multiple Lovers, Without Jealousy from The Atlantic. It's long, and details everything you wanted to know about polys, especially when it comes to how they think about (and handle) jealousy. 
  • How do medicated wipes communicate online? Here's some of McSweeney's finest on feedback for banner copy: 
    “Smythe-Logan Medicated Wipes™ doesn’t have time for your ass right now.” MEDICATED WIPES ALWAYS HAS TIME, GENE
  • Google is currently testing a timeline feature, which would provide key results chronologically. It looks cool, but we're having a hard time imagining tons of use cases. 
  • Supplements are a complex and mostly unknown area. A certain amount - the RDA - of certain chemicals is required to live but larger doses may have no beneficial effects. Fruits and vegetables are trying to kill you - which is why they are good for you
  • AirBnB for business travel? If you think about it, in some ways it makes more sense than staying at a hotel. Sure, some travelers will miss daily cleanings and access to a minibar, but others will love having more space that isn't decorated in only neutral colors. And this Fall, AirBnB plans to integrate with expense-tracking system, Concur (which is used by 70% of companies in the Fortune 100). 
  • Don't try too hard. If you are learning a language that is, as it may make it harder
  • We've just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black and are actively seeking recommendations of what to watch next. In the meantime, there's also, which, after two quick clicks (series vs. movie & genre) suggests something with a quick trailer and the corresponding Rotten Tomatoes score. Sweet! 
  • Armed with only pictures of your neighbors' keys, you too, can break into their home. To be clear, we're not suggesting that you follow the path of Andy Greenberg, we're just letting you know it's possible. Of course, if you're not a thief and instead looking for an extra set of keys for you and your guests, you can take a picture of the key you want copied and KeyMe will send you a new one in the mail.
  • Earlier this year we wrote about the Responsive erm, movement (?), started by Undercurrent. Bud Caddell has been building this thinking out further and we're loving the latest incarnation in this Owner's Manual for the 21st Century Organization
  • Faris is curating the twitter account for the Nobel Peace Centre this week, as part of an ongoing project to examine how social media are changing society and challenging power.